Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your IPhone

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Doesn't it seem like everyone have an iPhone? Although the iPhone is popular, an iPhone can also be confusing. If you have yet quite mastered your iPhone, then read on. This article has a lot of tips and tricks you make you can expert at using your phone.

Save your battery by lowering the brightness of your screen. Go to the settings portion of your phone and reduce the brightness level.

Your iPhone can guide you get from one place to another. The iPhone allows you to bookmark the map function can access at any time.

You can enable your iPhone to let you know when calls or messages and calls. Just access the settings menu," followed by "Accessibility." Then simply activate the setting for LED Flash button

There is an app that allows users to upload files to the iPhone to store files. You may upload text files, short videos, pictures and even text files. You just need to link your iPhone to a computer in order to access files, or link it to another computer to download and access them.

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The iPhone will show you a preview of incoming text messages on your lock screen. You might find this handy or annoying. The feature you wish to disable is called Show Preview.

Are you questioning the wisdom of what you just typed into iMessage? Did Auto Correct screw up your meaning of it yet again? You can quickly undo these problems by shaking your phone. This feature will undo recent typing. Go to your Settings menu to make sure this function is enabled.

You can download an app to allow your iPhone to function as a storage option. With an app like this, you'll be able to upload video, music, and even photos can be uploaded. You just need to link your iPhone to a computer in order to access files, or open them right in your phone.

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You probably already know your iPhone can remind you of something that is happening at a certain times. You can say "remind me to go to the store after work. You can use many different kinds of any event.

Use the multimedia to maximize your iPhone to get the most out of it.

If you would like to save a picture, just press and hold it on the screen. A menu will pop with the option to save the image to your iPhone's Camera Roll. You can also insert the image into a message!

You probably know your phone can set reminders based on certain times to tell you to do things. You can say "remind me to go to the store after work. You can use the iPhone to remind you of reminders on your iPhone.

Now, after reading the above article, you should be somewhat familiar with a lot of iPhone tricks that are simple and cool to use. Use what you've just learned, and your quality of life with improve. Keep these ideas in mind and you will be impressing your friends with your new knowledge.

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